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Kellie Kay

Official Twitter of SSBBW Kellie Kay - SSBBW & Best Solo Site of the year winner. Over a 1/4 Ton of FUN and Growing! https://t.co/U43VN9TSDg

Kellie Kay's photos 397 photos

Welp I hit 50K! Know what that means? A new free video! So what should it be? Tell me what you want! https://t.co/4I9rAPvLcm 18 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5NKLE #ssbbw https://t.co/ZbBah8PQLb 12 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/6qCvirulEw 32 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/awTbzZnZ5N 26 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/o8zpgOb7FB 10 views View photo
Waaaaaaaaaaaaah https://t.co/J7BKS7q4dZ 38 views View photo
Find all 3 of my most popular fattest fupa videos on my site! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep #ssbbw https://t.co/mhAoVlIFcw 21 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/SqFaKEhZwN 20 views View photo
Fat ass and a fat fupa! New video https://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 https://t.co/Y0beIIQP30 34 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5NKLE #ssbbw https://t.co/7yAbmEpMCi 27 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw #inflation https://t.co/iwHeYbkH4a 21 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/luRIRxFtFf 17 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/GHIpwGhpEB 19 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 #ssbbw https://t.co/ScwuXdy9JR 26 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/AQw78p4GZV 10 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/7WYirWhZQk 27 views View photo
What a great weekend! https://t.co/OtjR43uZUX 12 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/WpCjFZt1EE 8 views View photo
https://t.co/3tgEgPBc8O 25 views View photo
Hi! https://t.co/sSJfcRerbF 21 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/Wt89CFJvYn 9 views View photo
Also @RayaReece is on her way over and I can't fucking wait to have her all to myself for the next few days!!! https://t.co/jpcyHhKfXJ 20 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 #ssbbw https://t.co/893OYQHCj5 12 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/7vmgJXPAY2 37 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/kUHN6pToeh 32 views View photo
Having a great time in NY https://t.co/SXs7KL9HQf 15 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/OYdup6dLaE 16 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/X8uDgt1zCg 27 views View photo
I made this amazing spicy Thai orzo with shrimp in a homemade peanut sauce and it blew my own mind. And my face. https://t.co/EVdHcTYJH0 24 views View photo
This weeks set I show off my fatty Hammock... annnd bend it lol whoops! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep https://t.co/K0GPja7mvk 31 views View photo
@MOXXX Omg sweet baby!!! Here is one of my babies ❤️ https://t.co/2bcjsTBNcP 6 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5NKLE #ssbbw https://t.co/vj2hgBQh0r 36 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/4WeAGEGkDa 37 views View photo
I bought a popcorn machine and I love it. I have truly leveled up. https://t.co/sbuDksA54N 32 views View photo
Prepare yourself for random as thoughts and pictures for the next couple of days haha let's begin with this one. https://t.co/LqhpPNBA9a 21 views View photo
It's a beautiful day!!! https://t.co/ROFkbrYZ3x 7 views View photo
Just missing @AmazonAmanda and day dreaming of facesitting ❤️ https://t.co/HK0xkBnygi 29 views View photo
Who's the cutest?! He is! https://t.co/KeQ8V9dJTT 37 views View photo
xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/oam2rAoHqs 21 views View photo
Did a thing today. Oh yes I did make it into a video! https://t.co/K1cvZdtzxa 23 views View photo
New stair struggle video. Watch me fill this staircase with my fat ass! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep #ssbbw https://t.co/cX3aQ9pkBb 24 views View photo
@TheMushroomXIII I made theeese! https://t.co/L6OYbB0Ilj 37 views View photo
Just a reminder of how cute my baby is ❤️ https://t.co/L0f9BHCEg8 35 views View photo
You guys requested more ass in 2017 and you're gonna get it! Xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/2BFy144BXy 37 views View photo
RT @AmazonAmanda: #FlatterThanAPancake more crushing fun...with @SSBBWKellieKay https://t.co/bJXbn2NIeY 21 views View photo
RT @AmazonAmanda: LoL... we make queen beds...and you... look small.. @SSBBWKellieKay https://t.co/XwZ6eNp6Rs 39 views View photo
Put your hands on me! Growing and glowing! Xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/gRon7DTR4z 23 views View photo
Come get hands on with me as I'm growing and glowing! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep#ssbbw https://t.co/Ss8O2ODxnQ 28 views View photo
@BBWBambi https://t.co/An4jOuZXTk 6 views View photo
I'm at a wedding... it's so fancy. Makes me feel weird but hey atleast I'm the fattest one here! Always am lol https://t.co/ASIxOqnojH 7 views View photo
https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/NjkadxrGLr 8 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 #ssbbw https://t.co/bZLuEuf68W 9 views View photo
https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/kFed9gKTMt 21 views View photo
https://t.co/8rGeSGohep https://t.co/CjUNczaMC9 15 views View photo
https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/geMHOAYWmt 40 views View photo
Join me at the fat rave! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep #ssbbw https://t.co/gKRksyS5kI 13 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5NKLE #ssbbw https://t.co/ojOQF6oVRf 25 views View photo
Who's ready for a fat rave?! I am! Xox https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd Huge set and Vid will be up Thursday! https://t.co/Nt7y3cOFQ1 15 views View photo
https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/LAGHPHL6Jj 34 views View photo
Sneak peek of some of my new sets for https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd! https://t.co/GI0xiGAu0P 8 views View photo
https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/zu59nsO7Yr 6 views View photo
Lobster.... waaaaaah https://t.co/fLg2THOGJp 35 views View photo
https://t.co/6gSco5NKLE #ssbbw https://t.co/Nm0CVeoDTd 38 views View photo
https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw https://t.co/nfu3doYlBa 38 views View photo
Just some of my babies ❤ https://t.co/B43OGLmZvU 26 views View photo
Celebratory feast for my recent gains!!! Video coming to https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd I'm one happy fatty! https://t.co/E19MK3KyNH 54 views View photo
Oh yea 45K followers! So nice to have ya! ❤️ https://t.co/0wSPfvHq7M 36 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: https://t.co/nVLWYscQGJ #ssbbw https://t.co/ezgB8nQhOd 51 views View photo
Aww who sent this?! The note made me cry!!! Thank you! I'm so lucky!!! https://t.co/XTAId8NjFw 36 views View photo
Lots of crushing, stuck, public fatness and too tight fat chat in my latest videos! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep #ssbbw https://t.co/rpHGd4KhiF 38 views View photo
I was admiring how big and bouncy my belly and hips are so I made a video lol #ssbbw https://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 https://t.co/ziU8EKC397 49 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: back on @JustBBWCams https://t.co/f6flG7nuWO https://t.co/sx1SrIELGV 51 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: https://t.co/nVLWYscQGJ sets, blogs and videos! #ssbbw https://t.co/6PQpsKQtuB 30 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: Merry Christmas! Xoxox https://t.co/SWzq8EuF40 58 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: #BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale https://t.co/97vO9PU6Zv via @clips4sale #ssbbw https://t.co/kidbRmNjMh 26 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: big dot belly! https://t.co/NJIEFyLd3F #ssbbw https://t.co/3IQSY9md29 53 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: Be sure to check out our epic Thanksgiving throwdown! https://t.co/NJIEFyLd3F https://t.co/C93riGZGZN 27 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: xox https://t.co/nVLWYscQGJ #ssbbw https://t.co/XtmMlUYTeI 52 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: xox https://t.co/nVLWYscQGJ #ssbbw https://t.co/exwAz2KcMk 42 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: My babies love you all!!!! @corcor816 @BigCutieJae https://t.co/Q7vwSd6EGY 27 views View photo
RT @afiefebry: @SSBBWKellieKay: Wanna take a dip with you babe! https://t.co/ANBN8wXycJ #ssbbw https://t.co/PMTZton8CF 36 views View photo
RT @amoahjamie74: @SSBBWKellieKay I love february.. Valentine Day Love Beautiful 💯 #ssbbw #crush Amazing body. https://t.co/2UFzIs6Ri9 54 views View photo
Happy new year friends!!! @BigCutieJae https://t.co/3W4NfpsN41 22 views View photo
Happy new year! I'm so excited for 2017!!! https://t.co/3NlIasz7uV 27 views View photo
RT @SSBBWKellieKay: Candid Belly Loving on the Couch #SSBBW #clips4sale https://t.co/FFBUNYxO93 via @clips4sale https://t.co/TMm7mVCFOy 36 views View photo
Don't forget if you want me to crush you I have sessions available! Message me for more info 💗❤️💗 https://t.co/yLFvtcdzdO 50 views View photo
Aunt Kelly is being crafty and proudly show casing her nieces art :) https://t.co/ZMtnaB0Thx 49 views View photo
Soooooo good. https://t.co/tCsDknRXeI 32 views View photo
I'm so excited for NYE this is where I'll be! https://t.co/R4Im4xhq4m https://t.co/Tf3iP2upli 34 views View photo
RT @KellieKayPromo: So much more on https://t.co/t6YUiYAM6x #ssbbw https://t.co/Ptfi5GCi2g 73 views View photo
RT @plumpassionate: #wcw 💛💘💓❤💗💗❤💓💘💛 💋 @MZNORMASTITZ 💋 💛💘💓❤💗💗❤💓💘💛 https://t.co/tlktYaD905 76 views View photo
RT @MaliceBBW: Want a solo session with me? [email protected] #smother #facesit #ssbbw #domination #humiliation #trample https://t.co/7M0… 54 views View photo
Cleveland is going crazy, I'll stay here cuddling Leo. https://t.co/nPveHuuZnw 45 views View photo
RT @SsbbwKiyomi: In Cleveland anyone in need of squashing services lol #ssbbw #feedee #hugebelly #fatfetish #stuffing https://t.co/sn84Mhp… 45 views View photo
@DragonRift his was a few days ago https://t.co/4HMcaf1VKq 59 views View photo
@rp_415 right?! I don't know what the heck happened... Maybe he was hacked. I asked him but he ignored me. https://t.co/v6kFPjdaUg 45 views View photo
Wow I always admired him and thought he was so sweet... So disappointing. https://t.co/FiRJWgVmSR 58 views View photo
RT @SsbbwKiyomi: #ssbbw #feedee https://t.co/wKeL0VzsR1 https://t.co/jWtCqEaNDA NEW CONTENT BEING EDITED AT THIS MOMENT ! https://t.co/kG… 62 views View photo
A little more! https://t.co/N52zMdQbrs 29 views View photo
Wanna see some of the fun from this week?! https://t.co/ohVKkCQgus 41 views View photo
RT @MGreberg: @SSBBWKellieKay the bigger, the sexier 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍 https://t.co/FFGMdH2yqi 82 views View photo
You can do iiiit!!!!! https://t.co/r2ydceS6Hi 60 views View photo
Feeling schmezy! Lol https://t.co/pMBVMb74jS 58 views View photo
https://t.co/RoLVJOpZhA 61 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay oinks like a piggie for Pig Cola in new #BBW pics & video at https://t.co/sKM72pjQIM! https://t.c… 50 views View photo
RT @tofu916: Miss @SSBBWKellieKay getting her but rubbed. lol https://t.co/7I7yk7RQRI 54 views View photo
Having fun in Vegas! https://t.co/wmWlTYCLBD 71 views View photo
Oink oink! https://t.co/8rGeSG6FPP #ssbbw https://t.co/JVL4vtPWxe 56 views View photo
Ate so much I'm legit having trouble walking/breathing. #winning https://t.co/djfaHfRBub 50 views View photo
Yeeees!!!!!! https://t.co/gIRXRTyBy8 34 views View photo
@xxxkarlalane that's so exciting! We're looking to adopt a pig and get a horse for my niece :) farming is so fun! https://t.co/hDnTBniojU 63 views View photo
Yay I hit 40K followers! So happy to have you! ❤️💗❤️ https://t.co/yPsbopNMNJ 46 views View photo
Hahaha was catching Pokemon and look what happened! Yay Las Vegas! https://t.co/ME5q1nqYpu 54 views View photo
On my way to Vegas with @RayaReece 💗 https://t.co/w51wMZlV1h 51 views View photo
Utah! You're pretty :) https://t.co/bDcu4g4ENz 27 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay fills up this pool oh so well! Hot new pics at https://t.co/G8I2C1Dppo! #BBW https://t.co/o0sm6ps… 48 views View photo
Yes. The irony is it's on a Coke Zero lol https://t.co/d7jhMKzkNc 41 views View photo
I just wanna apologize to @fattestash for laughing so hard when she screamed as I dumped water on her head lol https://t.co/QcFVx73nrn 42 views View photo
Fatty Olympics 2016! Our c4s https://t.co/jEha7COj8n & https://t.co/n4BCgzCaGO @fattestash & @SSBBWKellieKay https://t.co/KqeT2kC94x 61 views View photo
RT @BbwEloise: Bird's Eye Masturbation! #SSBBW #clips4sale https://t.co/oRKeR5JuP6 via @clips4sale https://t.co/72d1TwND3N 62 views View photo
RT @Xutjja: Check out my 1st #femdom #weighthumiliation & #smallpenishumiliation clip w/ @msBiancaBaker https://t.co/DPt77wmcRc https://t.c… 65 views View photo
RT @fattestash: Check out our Fatty Olympics video series! (https://t.co/U8pVx159la) & (https://t.co/C06Qj0vSCH) [email protected] https:/… 49 views View photo
RT @fattestash: I made a lot of gifs! Getting her donut medal! https://t.co/U8pVx159la & https://t.co/C06Qj0vSCH [email protected] https://… 64 views View photo
RT @fattestash: Getting hosed off by @SSBBWKellieKay during closing ceremonies! https://t.co/U8pVx159la & https://t.co/C06Qj0vSCH https://t… 43 views View photo
RT @fattestash: Annnnnd this gem! w/ @SSBBWKellieKay on https://t.co/U8pVx159la and https://t.co/C06Qj0vSCH #ssbbw https://t.co/WnK1pcxYuT 46 views View photo
RT @fattestash: We are dorks. [email protected] @ https://t.co/iJbKjQAQbT and https://t.co/TeWoesSBII #ssbbw https://t.co/qFFisyx97t 41 views View photo
Our clip stores! https://t.co/jEha7COj8n & https://t.co/n4BCgzCaGO @fattestash https://t.co/gqn3X5whd2 49 views View photo
2016 Fatty Olympics- Combo Clip with Opening and Closing Ceremonies #BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale https://t.co/OgIgEBFjBf https://t.co/A4fdFMoFp6 66 views View photo
Perfection. 💗❤️💗 https://t.co/BiTIuQXIg6 46 views View photo
RT @SsbbwKiyomi: The struggles! https://t.co/uKzf9WwLuZ #ssbbw #feedee #struggle https://t.co/lJeO3ILLNI 57 views View photo
If any of you have been talking to this person, sorry it's not me! https://t.co/kQVFeLOQ59 34 views View photo
I shot this set in my backyard Sunday. It wasn't planned at all. Just having fun! Unedited https://t.co/z6u70pks4f https://t.co/IJ9FMvn7ds 43 views View photo
Dream life. Finally. https://t.co/ZiFdHOYjr4 52 views View photo
Also lunch was pretty awesome at @Retro_Dog today! Fav place 4ever. https://t.co/uH9hfAL26g 34 views View photo
So @RayaReece got me a fat people hammock for a housewarming gift! My heart is so full. Like my belly! https://t.co/B6ZgOVMpBj 43 views View photo
Spent the day celebrating my loves birthday! Happy birthday @RayaReece I love you! https://t.co/HNSusGG4no 55 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: Get up close & personal w/ @SSBBWKellieKay in this new shower video posted at https://t.co/G8I2C1Dppo! #SSBBW #BBW https… 53 views View photo
Booty Booty Booty! https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/c0myTGAJwE 69 views View photo
I'm in free chat now! https://t.co/lRMJKgAGPV https://t.co/MBE3bxScIR 44 views View photo
I'll be Camming in about an hour! Xox https://t.co/UjzxcGyhTN @JustBBWCams #ssbbw https://t.co/IsfuVBvJdY 39 views View photo
New video up on https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd VERY up close and personal in the shower! 💗❤️💗 https://t.co/HXs0vE5KjB 35 views View photo
Soft <3 https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/lrWwlCQYBF 36 views View photo
RT @Laceeangelmodel: Tell me your fantasy and let's make it cum true on a custom video or photoset. Email [email protected] #feedee h… 33 views View photo
RT @KellieKayPromo: Who’s next? https://t.co/t6YUiYAM6x #ssbbw https://t.co/bEJI9nznmB 41 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #BBW #SSBBW @carrieland gets hot and wet in this new carwashing vid posted at https://t.co/RC5ksxZN18! https://t.co/lH2k… 57 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: Roly-poly #SSBBW @StarStruckBBW bares all in this video clip from https://t.co/0s0bl3PT7A! #BBW https://t.co/OV3KzFtM4B 36 views View photo
RT @MZNORMASTITZ: https://t.co/9pd2b3oEjO 50 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @Laceeangelmodel marvels at how big she's gotten in this new video at https://t.co/0s0bl3PT7A! #BBW https://t.co/… 28 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay does serious snacking to keep her figure in new pics & vid at https://t.co/sKM72pjQIM! #BBW https… 53 views View photo
Who is up for Camming with me tonight?! @JustBBWCams https://t.co/UrcetXHn4e 50 views View photo
On an adventure today in Cleveland! Having a great time. 💗 https://t.co/T8Kr7b6rCo 47 views View photo
Why is he so cute?! https://t.co/UgHQxNnP1I 25 views View photo
RT @GrowingKelly: @Tate_Kobang I'm apparently better at having a fat ass than you are at being a musician #fatassesbreaktheinternet https:/… 54 views View photo
RT @GrowingKelly: #FatAssesBreakTheInternet https://t.co/VXR6wPvPrs 57 views View photo
RT @KellieKayPromo: Growing and growing and growing! https://t.co/t6YUiYAM6x https://t.co/s4SKr1fsJr 54 views View photo
All new Appetite stimulating serum set and video up now at https://t.co/KxU39BMcpl #ssbbw #gainer https://t.co/0Ny88VBnJA 43 views View photo
It’s coming off! https://t.co/y38VuHcbzD #ssbbw https://t.co/T6YRTIarrj 48 views View photo
#bestbash2016 @RITAisBEST you are the best!!! https://t.co/8XYSyncn5E 26 views View photo
Make me fatter. https://t.co/vWYhmm0HVm https://t.co/zXg9Ko9MU5 199 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: Tree trimming takes on a different dimension in new #SSBBW pics from https://t.co/IIeVadMOyI! @SSBBWKellieKay #BBW https… 247 views View photo
🍫🍩🍰🍕🌭🍤🍖🍗🍔🌮🍣🍿🍪🍦 https://t.co/fys6jpMyRF 151 views View photo
Good god I have a lot of cellulite. And I love it. https://t.co/AbUlAnTM4t 99 views View photo
It's time to trim the tree! Come join me at https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/SZIiE4CPJf 106 views View photo
Editing and enjoying my homemade chicken and barley soup! Yum! https://t.co/PgmA4OALSg 52 views View photo
My double chin is a pot of gold lol https://t.co/OQbfVfajqW 77 views View photo
Whoops! Look tis the season! https://t.co/cFkwfrt40k 69 views View photo
My love & partner in crime won't be home for the next few weeks and I miss her already. She left this on her door :( https://t.co/3GuVg4W7rI 52 views View photo
Also it's 67 degrees here... What... https://t.co/cLr63rAAkr 112 views View photo
RT @plumperpass: BBWCon 2016 July 22nd - 24th 2016 @BBWCON @BiggieAwards https://t.co/GtdZHbaLCK 113 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay squeezes into this tight onesie in new pics & video posted at https://t.co/IIeVae4pXi! #BBW https… 117 views View photo
Today I am celebrating my nieces 16th birthday with my family. I have all the feelings. https://t.co/7CgcOBRepe 79 views View photo
I'm a circle. <3 https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/dV0VmF00uU 128 views View photo
Remember when i didn't have a butt shelf?! WOAH SO TINY! 300lb Kellie! https://t.co/WPqYmWyhWi 105 views View photo
From 250 to over 550 pounds and in between! See it all at https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/MatUe42LYL 76 views View photo
Cutest guy in the world! https://t.co/uNVS5oWxrR 69 views View photo
Know what makes me ridiculously happy?! Sitting on the floor and playing with my dogs. They're the freaking best. https://t.co/Hx3cDewV5r 64 views View photo
We made fish tacos with a Sriracha creme for dinner and it kicked so much ass! https://t.co/Ms03GHBlal 40 views View photo
It's so warm today! Had a fun friend date to the movies and then to sweeties!!! ❤️🍬🍭🍫 https://t.co/YLLwfRCx5o 76 views View photo
Come cuddle up with me in my Onesie! https://t.co/EUGlv1zml8 https://t.co/fbZyqYJouS 74 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: Ready for the holidays yet? #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay is! New pics posted at https://t.co/sKM72pjQIM! #BBW #Faturday https:… 66 views View photo
It's that time of year again! I've been doing this set for over 10 years! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep https://t.co/l5xlCqAhnr 53 views View photo
Truth. https://t.co/yWWSRFwp4C 70 views View photo
What an awesome night of shooting! I'm excited to share these updates with you! ❤️ https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd https://t.co/a4umYcYDEj 61 views View photo
Shooting new content for https://t.co/y38VuHtMYd! https://t.co/MxUSdl41YN 83 views View photo
Look at theeeeem!!!! They're huge. Like me. https://t.co/lvO8lPKo5S 57 views View photo
More of everyday Kellie- this time vacuuming! https://t.co/8rGeSGohep everyone vacuums in lingerie right?! Ha https://t.co/1AghMc76l4 106 views View photo
Getting ready to cam!!! ❤️ https://t.co/Tot3uW2eHe 63 views View photo
Come chat with me at https://t.co/1igXC74pvs today! https://t.co/ecp0fwSPZ4 91 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: Doing dishes has never looked this hot! Check out #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay in new vid at https://t.co/IIeVadMOyI #BBW http… 91 views View photo
How cute is my mom?! https://t.co/4c0JTY9Kwn 52 views View photo
RT @SweetCheeksSCB: GO nominate me Please !!! https://t.co/6NzYxWsdmp https://t.co/8IYl05GoCP 81 views View photo
On a happier note we made spanakopita! https://t.co/IzcAem68wZ 52 views View photo
What a fat HIPster I am! http://t.co/8rGeSGohep http://t.co/nxTpx0d5lI 69 views View photo
I'll be joining the other @ClevelandOhBBW gals, @carebeth & @LyndziMccready for this fun Sat night bash! Will you? http://t.co/UpQdSjHstI 62 views View photo
Are you ready for this weeks set? Here's a preview that someone made into a little drawing! Cute! http://t.co/k6wXOvuisU 62 views View photo
Fall is here! http://t.co/ZEEspCr4Zk 54 views View photo
RT @Maximilian2905: @OdetteDelacroix 's body seems appetizing for SSBBW asses with @DLadySeductress , @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/tCDPmnac3Z 95 views View photo
Had a wonderful turnout and a wonderful day! Next dad fishes the cabelas classic for $100,000! http://t.co/kQxUlYOWk6 59 views View photo
Selling lots of baked goods, obviously! Haha country life! http://t.co/qW9bsdkkeI 67 views View photo
RT @bbwclementine: Belly Tease http://t.co/gP800RE3w9 #BBW #Clips4Sale http://t.co/ZMTRLeK7ZH 143 views View photo
RT @MGreberg: @SSBBWKellieKay the bigger the belly, the sexier the girl... 😍💋😍💋😍💋 https://t.co/hQtYxrrSlO 142 views View photo
RT @OdetteDelacroix: Over 25,000 miles traveled, new friends, seeing old friends, and tragedies/accomplishments. What a birthday month! htt… 111 views View photo
RT @LivnLrgChicago: Thanks to @SSBBWKellieKay and @ClevelandOhBBW for coming out this weekend to party with us, you guys are awesome! https… 117 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: It's a twerking takedown in this new vid from https://t.co/sKM72pjQIM! @SSBBWKellieKay takes on skinny Odette FTW! https… 576 views View photo
❤️ Cellulite ❤️ https://t.co/3bo3qx99yR 157 views View photo
Truth https://t.co/aybESlMefS 114 views View photo
Night made. I got to squash someone on the dance floor! Sorry it's sideways! https://t.co/jorhQ6Qu5R 96 views View photo
Yessss! https://t.co/wHFMDXQiJf 61 views View photo
Cheers! @ClevelandOhBBW @carebeth @RayaReece @LyndziMccready https://t.co/5y5SRsnYwq 58 views View photo
RT @BigCutieEllie: Ay The LLC Boo-ty Bash with the two hottest girls here @tori_talia and @SSBBWKellieKay !! Feeling sexy! #fatfriends htt… 81 views View photo
Also yay @ClevelandOhBBW @RayaReece @carebeth @LyndziMccready https://t.co/lqfK13VCWj 102 views View photo
If you live in or around Chicago and you're not here you're living your life all wrong. https://t.co/bxZAzLSpap 90 views View photo
I'm posting this one last time! Come out this weekend for some fun! #BiggestHalloweenPartyEver @LivnLrgChicago https://t.co/i0gsnqgMRF 69 views View photo
Just ate carrot cake in a bathing suit... Life is good! Having fun witj everyone at the @LivnLrgChicago bash! https://t.co/bA0m9IrLMr 77 views View photo
RT @ClevelandOhBBW: We're on our way to Chicago! -K https://t.co/8EUqB5DwCE 107 views View photo
Got my baby @RayaReece!!!! https://t.co/c2mPF7wn8N 80 views View photo
The @ClevelandOhBBW crew is on the way to get @RayaReece for @LivnLrgChicago booty bash! #BiggestHalloweenPartyEver https://t.co/oIqsCRD2pH 46 views View photo
Oh yay! 35K followers! So happy to have you! https://t.co/TwI2QRUDo7 80 views View photo
@jordansdrew16 you're in Chicago? You better be at the bash next weekend! Come say hi to me!#BiggestBBWHalloweenBash https://t.co/DFGl3DeOUg 57 views View photo
Come join me this weekend with @LivnLrgChicago for the #BiggestBBWHalloweenBash https://t.co/xSPVRLCs56 65 views View photo
RT @SonsOfTheGods1: #bbw https://t.co/kM9pCgbOXo 72 views View photo
Also guess who's baaaack?! https://t.co/kLXpLUXWsq 63 views View photo
Haha people think we're in loung chairs! Nooo these are full reclining loveseats we're taking up! https://t.co/AxEwoStBrt 54 views View photo
Ps- I sure do miss this girl ❤️ https://t.co/3byFONG7Nw 144 views View photo
Who do you think will win the jiggle off between me and @OdetteDelacroix ? https://t.co/8rGeSGohep https://t.co/shan4pUeI0 118 views View photo
Next weekend! Will I see you there?! https://t.co/8YYZkQSE1n 71 views View photo
Annoyed - @Tinder https://t.co/SP1v5E66OY 103 views View photo
Working on some new content! I just ate bacon with my b&j chunky monkey ice cream and it was pure magic... https://t.co/j3YPXmsXg7 82 views View photo
Ps @thefatash and I are pretty great movie dates, except for the fact you'd have no where to sit... Haha https://t.co/FcHJuQfDtL 79 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay fills you in on her recent adventures as a superfatty in new vid at https://t.co/sKM72pjQIM https… 105 views View photo
It's heeeeere! https://t.co/OwYEppK5BF 89 views View photo
RT @ClevelandOhBBW: Can we just say how awesome Saturday was?! -K https://t.co/fYBdUfHqVk 124 views View photo
Great news! http://t.co/LyP6vLlTud 85 views View photo
Mhmmmm http://t.co/8ribsqY6qY 97 views View photo
Yay @HugzMaloneSr ! I missed you! http://t.co/lr0VKao5CE 65 views View photo
Yeeees! @ClevelandOhBBW @carebeth @LyndziMccready http://t.co/amyfy4CL5u 47 views View photo
Getting ready to go out with @carebeth and @LyndziMccready to represent @ClevelandOhBBW http://t.co/3lEnyzI4vI 51 views View photo
RT @ClevelandOhBBW: We're on our way to Fairborn Ohio for the big and proud party! @LyndziMccready @carebeth @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/ZU… 74 views View photo
Also. Fall is here. My body is ready. http://t.co/qACiklM5c5 60 views View photo
I need this in my life... http://t.co/g50FfCFZTC 70 views View photo
PSA for trolls- http://t.co/qQGVxQBOkE 79 views View photo
I did it... http://t.co/UKHCN6dtQq 59 views View photo
Happy Friday! I'm excited to be going out with @carebeth and @LyndziMccready tomorrow night! http://t.co/7GmEJhajDF 70 views View photo
Another busy day stuck in the car running errands. After this party I better be the best aunt ever! Have a good day! http://t.co/N0nWVkZg0b 119 views View photo
So many ladies were high fiving me. Not sure if I should be happy or annoyed... I'll go with happy. I did look hot! http://t.co/p8PajhBvoy 65 views View photo
Missing you! http://t.co/o423mZkZD6 64 views View photo
Come check out my newest video! Those buttons are ready to pop!!! http://t.co/8rGeSGohep http://t.co/08vL7ePkdw 65 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: #SSBBW @SSBBWKellieKay is a supersized HIPster in new pics and video posted this wk at http://t.co/sKM72pjQIM #BBW http:… 101 views View photo
RT @ClevelandOhBBW: Join us next weekend in Dayton Ohio for this Bbw party! -K http://t.co/YoooPebAGM 73 views View photo
RT @ClevelandOhBBW: Who's in for next Saturday? #bbw #bbwparty #PlusIsEqual #imnoangel #PlusSizeAppreciation #biggirls http://t.co/jQXLhwpU… 77 views View photo
I'll be going to these bashes this month! @ClevelandOhBBW in Dayton and then @LivnLrgChicago in Chicago! Join me! http://t.co/6F9gERhAWe 63 views View photo
RT @LivnLrgChicago: http://t.co/yZ8wfW6LBY 54 views View photo
Rolly poly fat legs and arms! http://t.co/8rGeSGohep http://t.co/2nyTKVLbuh 83 views View photo
RT @housewifeswag: your body is yours and there isn't one like it anywhere in the entire world! how awesome is that?! celebrate it. http://… 58 views View photo
I love/hate the zoo. Love the animals but hate seeing them in captivity. But I try to remember some are safer there. http://t.co/JnC762NOPs 80 views View photo
Sorry I haven't been around or replied to your tweets and emails today! I took my nieces to the zoo all day lol http://t.co/bkSFzq1ScD 77 views View photo
Making some new videos for http://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 tonight, any requests? http://t.co/2yFB1jZaJ1 82 views View photo
<3 <3 <3 This! http://t.co/sUsNVG76CJ 66 views View photo
RT @LunaLovex: http://t.co/RYmKZhIw0H #ssbbw #bbw http://t.co/oTRbXM75RK 76 views View photo
So I'm terrible at eating breakfast so I starting making smoothies to boost my appetite lol they're awesome. http://t.co/raJqutbaWg 55 views View photo
RT @karlalanexxx: #partydontstart until I walk in W/ @TheAprilFlores @SinFulCeleste 15164 Oxnard St Van Nuys CA 91411 #sexshow #BBW NOW htt… 80 views View photo
A little more skin... http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd http://t.co/a7zAi352DC 75 views View photo
<3 <3 <3 http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd http://t.co/KMMvNsS8Mh 91 views View photo
Come watch my skinny slave @OdetteDelacroix get bossed around as she lotions me & does what her spoiled princess says http://t.co/cdcAGgy23l 185 views View photo
Hey girls beware of @DominicanDick4u he's a fake Fa account harassing fat girls. He deletes it most of the time. http://t.co/6cTBLHDPgD 72 views View photo
Feeling really cute today! Funny how a new outfit can really boost your confidence even more. http://t.co/65eLCtWMW1 104 views View photo
Got my new green screen and light kit!!! Thank you daniel! Soooo excited! http://t.co/BgwETWbb2q 64 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: .@SSBBWKellieKay is massive in monochrome in new pics at http://t.co/sKM72p2fRe! #BBW #ssbbw http://t.co/zkHRtJIiOi 72 views View photo
Just looking for my gator! http://t.co/HOMMJggAEQ 49 views View photo
My wittle precious angel in one of her fav teams shirt! @BigMamaJ00 http://t.co/7yk9bI9v5l 69 views View photo
My #wcw is my sports loving, good food enjoying, hilarious laughing @BigMamaJ00 #bff http://t.co/q6XWdiY5Ic 53 views View photo
Found a package with some gifts from my wish list on my doorstep this morning! Thank you Greg! http://t.co/CE8z872JVv 71 views View photo
Oh yea I wanted to show you the shelf I hung! I put my awards on it and my gold whale lol how appropriate! http://t.co/9mzPzbXTtB 62 views View photo
I'm feeling Massive in Monochrome! Xox http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw #tryingtobeartsy http://t.co/szOHHiVX7x 73 views View photo
I just woke up by the way. Here's a scary morning selfie. You are welcome. #hotness http://t.co/9FUw77DhK0 87 views View photo
RT @BigCutieKelly: Fuck, I got fat! Watch me grow huge@ http://t.co/wAeXS0jiyc #feedee #bbw #gainer #stretchmarks #cellulite #ssbbw http://… 59 views View photo
RT @PassionBBW: Big Piggy Squashes Little Piggy @ http://t.co/ksqR8sk2GJ #bbw #ssbbw #bbwporn #fat #squashing #whooty #pawg http://t.co/VXn… 92 views View photo
This!!!!! This is why I do what I do! This is my purpose in life! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/P2cY1HelQS 60 views View photo
@drkravenz http://t.co/BcDtrPPkBc 75 views View photo
@CheifSamson @Laceeangelmodel http://t.co/VBpdjbFbL1 69 views View photo
@DiamandDave http://t.co/hPhrX1rIPA 53 views View photo
@DragonRift http://t.co/6zyucK1J4E 58 views View photo
@Jobbergirl1985 http://t.co/Ts5Jv8Xdah 47 views View photo
Have a lovely day! http://t.co/DkODpvtnVg 52 views View photo
Just be nice! 😘 http://t.co/361xOyAmrD 68 views View photo
😁 http://t.co/N4sTcCwETu 64 views View photo
😂 part of my snapchat rant lol http://t.co/XzKHO0QXiL 186 views View photo
Back to cleaning my room haha http://t.co/l9spYmGxAB 79 views View photo
RT @MGreberg: @SSBBWKellieKay the bigger the belly... The sexier the girl... 💋🌹💜💋🌹💜 http://t.co/K2MQoVFpK4 129 views View photo
Also, here's my face, in case you don't remember what I look like 😀 http://t.co/YGCbi8tUZT 48 views View photo
Also I sure do miss my @RayaReece :( come to meeeeee! http://t.co/byJQN26DM0 47 views View photo
RT @ValleryVixen: SUPER LOW RATES this week for custom videos! Email me with your ideas [email protected] and I'll film this week! htt… 43 views View photo
RT @StarStruckBBW: I think the panties are right, my ass is pretty perfect! #ssbbw #bbw #fat http://t.co/cAQQLmQIzZ http://t.co/UUZVCxWmAE 100 views View photo
Come watch me in action! Physical fatness http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd http://t.co/okK09TFnXX 91 views View photo
Thank you @tonitails for letting me be part of your wonderful artwork!!! http://t.co/nb3IdnL6qi 82 views View photo
It's time for some Physical Fatness! http://t.co/8rGeSGohep http://t.co/rt5aJbu815 98 views View photo
RT @thefatash: I'm bored, so I'm taking private shows right now on @JustBBWCams Join me! http://t.co/yDiGtOzJNj #ssbbw http://t.co/CxdHgtDC… 63 views View photo
All smiles today! Thank you! http://t.co/xnhQE7yct2 76 views View photo
RT @BigCutieEllie: Birthday dinner!! Thanks @tori_talia for treating me like a princess for my birthday! Loves you!! http://t.co/qywsTiMcv3 150 views View photo
Good night! Another day of shooting tomorrow! (Hopefully before it gets too hot!) xoxox http://t.co/HtRIa6RXVX 111 views View photo
My partner in crime, including getting naked at the gym, @thefatash and I! We did work out sets for our sites! http://t.co/mYvCaBTQ9R 80 views View photo
What would you do if you walked into the gym and saw this? New Update- Work That Body! http://t.co/wc5xPyOG8l #ssbbw http://t.co/FoxBJyvTZr 116 views View photo
RT @JessieMinx: HOT new video preview from @JessieMinx @manyvids https://t.co/ocbp2KEvpO #camgirl #manyvids http://t.co/x8ytlk4ih5 94 views View photo
RT @BBWs4ever: Not exactly a #Motorboat on @RoobiROYAL Butt I'll take it ;+) http://t.co/9ZBLCK8hj5 73 views View photo
Crisis adverted - http://t.co/uUHxWjUfpT 56 views View photo
What a great night of shooting! I'm excited to share my new updates with you! http://t.co/0hYZ3zaKjU 91 views View photo
See what you're missing? @thefatash on http://t.co/UjzxcGyhTN http://t.co/AQt0RyV5fI 123 views View photo
Packing my suitcase to go shoot with the beautiful @thefatash tonight! Gonna be fun! http://t.co/zeOYLRhhQu 84 views View photo
I can always count on @thefatash to cheer me up!!! http://t.co/uSUFSljbpS 76 views View photo
RT @somelikeitfat: Fat floats! @SSBBWKellieKay takes on 2 fatty friends at the pool in new pics & vid this wk at http://t.co/sKM72p2fRe! ht… 91 views View photo
Watch me and my friends jump onto and play on my pool float! http://t.co/z6u70pks4f http://t.co/tGhZHWvr7f 58 views View photo
Exhibit b of goofiness with @thefatash http://t.co/8kHLrxP4g9 79 views View photo
Then we checked out camping spots for a camping trip next month! Wooohooo http://t.co/8lh5WbldMu 75 views View photo
Further proof that we are goofballs. @thefatash Exhibit a- http://t.co/0cMxUWvbUi 76 views View photo
Today I went to the fair with my best friend @thefatash and had a great time eating everything ever. We're goofballs. http://t.co/SyyC56z8gp 78 views View photo
So I was thinking about going to this bash. Sounds amazing, indoor waterpark?! http://t.co/Ynct1e6cir http://t.co/UPgR92jBnp 64 views View photo
O! I just hit 33k followers! It's so nice to have you! Let's get a cake! http://t.co/EvozAVVWDR 81 views View photo
Have you checked out my newest sets with Ramona and Dottie?! http://t.co/z6u70pks4f http://t.co/HIEB9RS6ea 76 views View photo
Xoxoxxxxx http://t.co/tlz5UXatRn 57 views View photo
Today was a great day. Thank you guys!!! http://t.co/wyPu5GniNI 76 views View photo
RT @nicholasmarkovi: My Wcw everyday @SSBBWKellieKay so nice they named her twice my lady she is loads of fun she is sexy and gorgeous ♥ u … 115 views View photo
RT @thefatash: Do gifs work on Twitter yet?! A tiny picture of the new video: http://t.co/If0pftfTyt http://t.co/gLsb8hju2T 129 views View photo
Let's go swim! 😘 http://t.co/wc5xPyOG8l new set with guests Dottie & Ramona. I'm fatter than both combined! 💦 #ssbbw http://t.co/2nkI9QTwzd 163 views View photo
I received 100 yes's and 1 no to my glasses haha http://t.co/1dpOeOEWae 72 views View photo
@habshir75 @OdetteDelacroix we did and it was great! More to come!!! http://t.co/6jlyclFF3D 143 views View photo
Yes or no? 👓 http://t.co/mqz5s2J8Qi 100 views View photo
RT @MGreberg: @SSBBWKellieKay wow... Suuuuper sexxxxxxy belly girl... 😁😘😁😘 http://t.co/D3VexAgmlG 129 views View photo
“@Petperv: Had to admit, he had a point... http://t.co/4Nx0QliUXS” this was a nasty email sent to me and this "Ssbbw" agreed.. Lolwut? 183 views View photo
As you can tell, normal towels barely even cover me! Whoops! #ssbbw http://t.co/Jv0rq51RH8 206 views View photo
Omg omg omg best gift ever from @thefatash I'm so happy I'm dizzy! Omg! http://t.co/nAcccjw3fu 148 views View photo
Thanks for the gift Hal! http://t.co/b40AZiPUnu 120 views View photo
I have a problem. http://t.co/vqhAwGdR 139 views View photo
Super after @thefatash http://t.co/ddTlVGk0 208 views View photo
After! @thefatash http://t.co/0RdcGRN1 173 views View photo
Did I mention you get a kiss from me! http://t.co/6tagpZnO 146 views View photo
@thefatash is the beeeeeeeest! Mm mmm mmmmmm http://t.co/R2C6cG5z 125 views View photo
Thanks for the treats! http://t.co/9XyTWKiN 123 views View photo
Make sure to send me your addresses by friday to get a Valentine's card from me! :) [email protected] http://t.co/thGLRiqG 132 views View photo
Look at this meeeeat! Imported prosciutto! http://t.co/bIpVTUeX 137 views View photo
Look who came to visit us! @tori_talia http://t.co/fShmF5yP 226 views View photo
Trying to clean out the stuff I've outgrown from my closet but I cant get in there! Pardon my hot mess look lol #ssbbw http://t.co/6M9zFDi7 322 views View photo
I just wore this not that long ago! So happy! #ssbbw #growinggirl #fattest http://t.co/z5MHNvrz 250 views View photo
You have not lived until you've had these. @thefatash makes killer steak fingers! http://t.co/H6R16M4d 143 views View photo
From a small #bbw at only 200lbs to a HUGE #SSBBW and adding over 350lbs! Look at the difference! #Gaining Love it!!!! http://t.co/fbmezQFL 263 views View photo
My main men <3 http://t.co/ZmeH9fg6 138 views View photo
Wanna see what could happen if you go to a bash? You could be sat on by fatties... nuff said. #ssbbw http://t.co/d13W9eDB 251 views View photo
The lovely @thefatash, @MsFatBootyLisa and myself! http://t.co/gGuCEwvP 153 views View photo
Fat girls + horizontal strips = yes! http://t.co/eLyK1ydF 251 views View photo
YUUUUM! BROOKLYN PICKLE! http://t.co/XKX2hq7z 153 views View photo
The lovely @thefatash took a new set of me in our new living room, LOVE it! Thanks! http://t.co/xHCBRePx 273 views View photo
last one! #ssbbw http://t.co/3TpYOpaV 141 views View photo
While moving some boxes around i found a bunch of old photos! Look how skinny I used to beeee! AH! Oh to be 20 again! http://t.co/lE0S26tq 179 views View photo
Here's the tree <3 (and the painting @thefatash and I painted lol) Terrible phone pic but you get the idea ahaha http://t.co/lCD0AUvn 115 views View photo
RT @thefatash Look what @SSBBWKellieKay & I did last night! I bet you've never seen living room art like this before! http://t.co/6oYf3LwB 103 views View photo
http://t.co/ffOItUT1 89 views View photo
this made me lol sooo hard. I'm guessing he was rejected by a fatty and now he's bitter haha I love POF! http://t.co/uF7j6H3e 123 views View photo
http://t.co/9NJ8JF2W 132 views View photo
http://t.co/TjSPAPwj 100 views View photo
http://t.co/gd4ArvSS 115 views View photo
@ashleyeileen_ THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS! http://t.co/dpenNXGX 100 views View photo
RT @SailorRoseBBW: Baking cakes <3 http://t.co/Rxh0tft 103 views View photo
More fat crafts! It's a pricey hobby, but it's so therapeutic. Except for the painful chair situation anyway. http://t.co/OnfpZUoV 89 views View photo
Fat crafts! (Yeah, I made a me bowl.) http://t.co/d0bLoGTc http://t.co/xsTQ6A9a #SSBBW #fat @SSBBWKellieKay 93 views View photo
Fat crafts! (Yeah, I made a me bowl.) http://t.co/d0bLoGTc http://t.co/xsTQ6A9a #SSBBW #fat @SSBBWKellieKay 82 views View photo
Connect the Dots! http://t.co/xZ06t5f7 http://t.co/3RxOfNX1 #ssbbw #fat #ssbbwbellylove #bbwmodels #500lbclub 120 views View photo
From an upcoming set! (Photo credit goes to @SSBBWKellieKay!) #ssbbw http://t.co/IEZwY1I2 276 views View photo
2 from a set I took yesterday :) A better look at my dress and RED hair! :) #ssbbw Thanks to @thefatash for taking it! http://t.co/mBD2CUZd 101 views View photo
Also SURPRIIIIIISE! <3 New Roommates at Fat Camp lol http://t.co/fM9UjCQ4 189 views View photo
Introducing our newest roommates: Butter and Toast! @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/T7xlwEPx (Of course we gave them food names!) 89 views View photo
First sitting. Much more color to come! http://t.co/vncNPshY 95 views View photo
Step 1 of my cover up :) http://t.co/DTApcpjb 101 views View photo
Squeeze me? http://t.co/MZDnx2YM 114 views View photo
The article turned out GRREEEAAAT! Lots of pictures of @thefatash and I, Look we're the opening pics! YAY! http://t.co/TtPdRb9E 134 views View photo
@Fatty_D My boys and i say hello! <3 Any time you want a puggy snuggy come over! http://t.co/5gP77i9D 103 views View photo
<3 yep http://t.co/Vp8vvJge 97 views View photo
One more then it's to bed with me! Thank you @thefatash for a wonderful dinner! Love you! #BBW Before and #SSBBW After http://t.co/cODd1rbO 185 views View photo
I only grew my double chin 50#s ago, at first i hated it, but ya know what? it's a badge of honor & damnit, it's cute! http://t.co/PpTj4zyb 99 views View photo
@420Smoked35 awww handsome! thanks so much! <3 Teddy and Kellie http://t.co/vxDbi1Hk 97 views View photo
oh and this- @thefatash @LunaLovex @MsFatBootyLisa http://t.co/jYBo3gz2 116 views View photo
Should have been there! @LunaLovex http://t.co/XtIoCHQD 122 views View photo
Special treat for you all to celebrate my 1000followers - me being squashed under MzPuss's beautiful big bottom! XxX http://t.co/R8Io8rt3 115 views View photo
And all the other bits and pieces of course! haha #ssbbw http://t.co/y18xgXKc 207 views View photo
I don't mean to sound vain, but I LOVE my ass <3 http://t.co/DWsWqGWG 128 views View photo
I'm a crusher ya know! http://t.co/hZ4vvJjN 98 views View photo
RT @thefatash Look what I got! http://t.co/dl5YsCot 84 views View photo
RT @thefatash: And another. @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/Z99Tw2vN 99 views View photo
My new site coming soooon! xox http://t.co/nLoSjBXn 103 views View photo
http://t.co/7CfkHQZH goodnight! Xoxoxoxox 95 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1di44n - This kid is chasing every1 with his snot face. i wish i was 10 again. 94 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1di3db - Yes we are related. obviously! hahaha 89 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1di23j - Slip n slide gone wrong! hahaha 96 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1d9lw8 - Mini me! (pardon my muddy feet from the yard!) 185 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1d8rym - Easter feast in the back of my van! haha 102 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1czp9u - My bbq assistant! 130 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1cq82g - New Message 98 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1cpmio - Tie dye! 114 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1ajkmm - At Olive Garden w @caracakesxoxo @ssbbwkelliekay and @daintybulldozer! 115 views View photo

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